Reagent ipc

Syntax: reagent[`ipc;arg]

Whеre arg is one of:

  • string of format "host:port" to connect to
  • reagent tcp to wrap to an ipc

Server example:

listener: reagent[`listener;""];
spawn {
    react {[x:listener]
        cli: reagent[`ipc;x];
        react {[x:cli] println["\nclient  request: %";x]; cli[(ts[];x)]}

Client example:

o)cli: reagent[`ipc;""];
o)react {[x:cli] println["server response in % ms : %";(ts[]-x[0])%1000000;x[1]]};
o)cli["Hello from ipc client"];
client  request: Hello from ipc client
server response in 0 ms : Hello from ipc client

The search index is not serialized with structures. The host can build a search index on its own.