Reagent log

Reagent to be used to create journals.

Syntax: reagent[`log]

o)f:{println["X: % Y: %";x;y]};
o)close l
o)react {[x:l] eval x};
X: 0 Y: 1
X: 1 Y: 2
X: 2 Y: 3
X: 3 Y: 4
X: 4 Y: 5
X: 5 Y: 6
X: 6 Y: 7
X: 7 Y: 8
X: 8 Y: 9
X: 9 Y: 10

Of course, journal can be read at once by using verb `get

o)get `:/tmp/journal.log

get called on a journal file rеturns 2-element list which first element is bool indicates corrupted jpurnal, second element is jurnal itself. If journal is corrupted, first element would be a 1b, second one - valid part of a journal;