Helps to create a simple HTTP server.

Elements are used to start the server

Name Description / comments
.http.default.bind Get default / set string with binding ip:port
.http.default.host Get default / set string with user name
.http.default.home Get default / set string with current dir
.http.run[<creds>] Start http server



Auxiliary elements

Name Description / comments
.http.const.version[] Version string
.http.const.error Template string of error with 3 %
.http.const.code Dictionary with supported error codes
.http.const.mime Dictionary with supported mime
.http.const.head Template string of head page with 4 %
.http.const.temp Template string of html page with 2 % for title and body
.http.buffer.handle Return the lambdas which processing socket
.http.url.parse[<url>] Parse URL to dictionary
.http.req.parse[<req>] Request parse to dictionary
.http.resp.error[<sock>;<code>;<payload>;<explanation>] Response error
.http.resp.ok[<sock>;<mime>;<payload>] Response OK
.http.resp.send[<sock>;<code>;<mime>;<payload>] Send response
.http.serve[<bind>;<handle>;<creds>] Start http server