Helps in processing URL strings

Main elements

Name Description / comments
urllib.parse[<url string>] Return a dictionary with parsed URL
urllib.href[<url dict>] Return URL string
urllib.encode[x] Encode into a format that can be transmitted over the internet
urllib.decode[x] Decode from format with "%" and whitespace as "+"


o)load "urllib";
protocol| "https"
user    | "tester"
password| 0N0
host    | "dazzle.com"
port    | 8080
path    | 0N0
query   | 0N0
fragment| 0N0
o)urllib.decode "http://localhost:8080/?submitted-name=adf+qe+sdfg+%2B+h"
"http://localhost:8080/?submitted-name=adf qe sdfg + h"

Auxiliary elements

Name Description / comments
urllib.protoco[x] Return field `protocol
urllib.user[x] Return field `user
urllib.password[x] Return field `password
urllib.host[x] Return field `host
urllib.port[x] Return field `port
urllib.path[x] Return field `path
urllib.query[x] Return field `query
urllib.fragment[x] Return field `fragment
urllib.update[x] Update URL dictionary with dictionary x
urllib.test[] Run tests for all elements of the library
urllib.examples[] Show use cases