Scalars are vаlue types. They contain their payload directly and don't need boxing.

  • Characters are enclosed in double quotes \" and can make use of the escape sequences \n, \t, \" or \ to produce a newline, tab, double quote or backslash character, respectively. If more than one unescaped character is enclosed in quotes, the noun is a list of characters (see below), also known as a string.
  • Symbols start with a backtick ` and are followed by an optional name. Names must start with a dot or a letter, and may contain letters, digits or a dot. Symbols are mainly useful as handles for variable names or keys in dictionaries.

O has following scalars:

Type Size Typespec Vаlue scalar/vector Null Infinity
Bool 1 `bool 1b or 0b / 100b
Byte 1 `byte 1x / 1 1x 0Nx 0Wx
Short 2 `short 1h / 1 1h 0Nh 0Wh
Int 4`int 1i / 1 1i 0Ni 0Wi
Long 8`long 1 / 1 2 3 0N / 0Nj 0W / 0Wj
Symbol 8 `symbol `a / `a`b`c `
Char 1 `char NYI / "abc"
Enum NYI `sym$`a / `sym$`a`b`c `sym$`
Int128 16 NYI NYI
Guid 16 `guid 0Ng 0Ng
Single 4 `real 1.0e / 1 1e 0Ne 0We
Double 8 `float 1.0 / 1 1f 0n / 0Nf 0w / 0Wf
Quad 16 NYI NYI
Timestamp 8 `timestamp 2020.11.05D12:30:21.123456789 0Np 0Wp
Timespan 8 `timespan 7614D12:30:21.12345679 0Nn 0Wn
Datetime 8 `datetime 2020.11.05T12:30:21.123 0Nz 0Wz
Date 4 `date 2021.01.01 0Nd 0Wd
Month 4 `month 2021.01m 0Nm 0Wm
Time 4 `time 12:30:21.123 0Nt 0Wt
Minute 4 `minute 12:30 or -12:30 0Nu 0Wu
Second 4 `second 12:30:21 0Nv 0Wv
Generic (used for casts) `s` 0N0 - generic null